Let's Hear It For The Boys

Let it be known that the ladies aren't the only ones dominating the Chicago style scene. Photographer Amy Creyer, aka Chicago Streetstyle Scene, hit the streets to find the most haute hommes in Chicago. We think she succeeded. Click through to see how Chi guys rock their style, and why we love it.
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Who he is: Chris
Why we love him: His perfectly pulled-together casual look, and of course, the smile.
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Who he is: John
Why we love him: We're totally into this tucked-in look, our Chicago guy knows how to prep for the weather in style.
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Who he is: Joel
Why we love him: His cute coat and cuffed jeans show the other boys how its done.
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Who he is: Bobby
Why we love him: His boots and coat stay stylish and blizzard-savvy at the same time. We feel warmer already.
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Who he is: Phil
Why we love him: Let us count the ways...shades, scarf, overall cuteness...yep that sums it up.
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Who he is: Jason
Why we love him: Um, who doesn't love a tall drink of water with killer style?
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Who he is: Andrew
Why we love him: His cozy-cute look has us craving a snuggle...or two.
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Who he is: Xeno
Why we love him: We love a man who isn't afraid to show off. He's turning heads all over our snowy city.
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Who he is: EJ
Why we love him: That hat, those glasses, OMG.
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Who he is: Tyler
Why we love him: Our city-wise boy rocks some intense cold-weather style while keeping his cool.

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