The Most Instagrammed Ice Cream In S.F.

If there's one cold, hard fact about San Franciscans, it's that we take our ice cream very seriously. On any given day (even on the foggiest of afternoons), you'll find lines spanning the blocks of the city's most storied sweet-treat havens.

So in honor of National Ice Cream Day this Sunday, we’ve rounded up the Bay Area's tastiest ice-cold creations to grace Instagram. From scoops and sundaes to sandwiches and shakes, ice cream has never looked (or tasted) so good. Every ice cream confection under the sun awaits, and you should be warned — you’ll probably want more than just a single serving.
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Photo: Courtesy of @kseet.
Bi-Rite Creamery
You certainly won’t regret braving the wait at Bi-Rite Creamery. One of the signature flavors customers always rave about is the salted caramel. Don’t forget the ever-changing seasonal offerings — your tastebuds will thank you.

Bi-Rite Creamery; various locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of @biritesf.
You can’t skip out on snapping a photo of this Instagram-worthy Cheesecake Ice Cream with Blueberry Swirl.
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Photo: Courtesy of @ottercharlee.
Mitchell’s Ice Cream
With its flavors being made fresh daily, you’ll want to add this family-owned spot to your next ice cream crawl. Whether you prefer a cup, cone, or anything in between, you can get your ice cream served just how you want. Take note of the summer flavors such as cantaloupe and peach, as they won’t be here for long!

Mitchell’s Ice Cream
, 688 San Jose Avenue (between Valley and 29th streets); 415-648-2300.
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Photo: Courtesy of @mariegtred.
Big scoops are just one perk that awaits you.
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Photo: Courtesy of @krveee.
Three Twins
It’s hard to resist the organic flavors at Three Twins Ice Cream. Dad’s Cardamom, Chocolate Orange Confetti, and Lemon Cookie are a few originals you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re not lucky enough to stop by one of the scoop shops, keep an eye out for pints in your local store.

Three Twins
, 254 Fillmore Street (near Haight and Laussat streets); 415-487-8946.
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Photo: Courtesy of @jsspress.
Who knew such heavenly flavors could come in a single cup?
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Photo: Courtesy of @grizzyblanco.
Take two cookies, a scoop of ice cream, add any toppings, and you get one mouthwatering sandwich. This sugary-sweet creation is one of the most popular with Instagrammers. Can you blame them?

CREAM; various locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of @gigieatsvegan.
Not a fan of the cookie sandwich? Avoid the mess and opt for a cup instead.
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Photo: Courtesy of @tessa_h22.
The Ice Cream Bar
Travel back to the 1950s with a visit to this retro-inspired shop. The sodas and sundaes are a must to fully satisfy your ice cream fix. So grab a seat at the counter and get ready for a sugar rush!

The Ice Cream Bar
, 815 Cole Street (between Frederick and Carl streets); 415-742-4932.
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Photo: Courtesy of @hstarx.
Who says ice cream is just for kids? Enjoy sipping on a boozy shake.
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Photo: Courtesy of @annasterntaler.
Made-to-order ice cream? We're sold. Flavors change monthly based on local availability of ingredients, which means you’ll have something new to look forward to every visit. If you want to really get in the summer spirit, try out a scoop of nectarines and cream. Yum!

Smitten; various locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of @daqueenielife.
It’s not every day that you can see ice cream get made before your eyes.
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Photo: Courtesy of @esannicolas.
Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream
Are out-of-the-box flavors your cup of tea? Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream has got you covered. Why order plain vanilla when you can get the likes of Secret Breakfast or XXX Chocolate? These are flavors that will stick with you for a while.

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream; various locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of @vstran90.
One scoop is never enough.
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Photo: Courtesy of @koolkidsph.
Mr. And Mrs. Miscellaneous
Bizarre or basic — you get your choice of either (or both). Enjoy a classic vanilla bean or opt for the Pink Squirrel for a little bit more adventure. Just like at a brewery, once a flavor sells out, you’ll find a new one of the board immediately. Oh, yeah, did we mention there are also beer flavors from time to time?

Mr. And Mrs. Miscellaneous, 699 22nd Street (between Illinois and 3rd streets); 415-970-0750.
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Photo: Courtesy of @srkrause.
Ice cream is an experience best shared with friends.
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Photo: Courtesy of @itsiticecream.
The Original It’s-It
This legendary San Francisco treat is something you simply can’t miss. From vanilla to pumpkin, It’s-It is a goldmine of great flavors. Never fear if you’re not close to the headquarters; you can find these scrumptious delights in your local store.

The Original It’s-It Headquarters and Factory Shop, 865 Burlway Road (near Old Bayshore Highway), Burlingame; 800-345-1928.
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Photo: Courtesy of @tiramisumaria.
Can you ever go wrong with a chocolate-covered ice cream sandwich?
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Photo: Courtesy of @mrsphillips14.
Over The Moon
The aroma of fresh-baked cookies will draw you in, but the homemade ice cream will have you stay. Get your sweet tooth tingling with a scoop of electric-blue Cookie Monster, or throw it in an ice cream sandwich with Honey Lavender. Is there ever a day house-made ice cream isn’t right? We think not.

Over The Moon; various locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of @laurapark3r.
An ice cream cone, cup, or sandwich? Pretty tough decision.
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Photo: Courtesy of @bankercool.
Swensen's Ice Cream goes back to 1948, and it first found a home in San Francisco. Since then, the parlor-and-restaurant combo has become a must-visit stop. Who wouldn’t want to dive into one of these sundaes?

Swensen’s; various locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of @sinatraslady.
A waffle and three ice cream flavors? Talk about dreamy.
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Photo: Courtesy of @adaishungry.
Fentons Creamery
Fentons Creamery is another one where you’ll feel the retro vibe. Towering sundaes topped with rainbow sprinkles, fluffy whipped cream, and drizzling chocolate will have your mouth watering — but save room for dessert!

Fentons Creamery; various locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of @ the_puffaron.
A good ol’ scoop of ice cream is just as good, too.
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Photo: Courtesy of @dragonhoon.
Loard’s Ice Cream
This Bay Area staple is truly an old-fashioned treat. Since it was founded back in the 1950s, Loard’s has made a name for itself with outstanding flavors such as Ube, Almond Joy, and Coconut Pineapple. Go ahead — try to just have one.

Loard’s Ice Cream; various locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of @hawaiijoe.
This hearty scoop could only get better with some toppings.
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Photo: Courtesy of @tarasorganic.
Tara’s Organic Ice Cream

If you never imagined avocado, basil, or black sesame in your ice cream, you really should. With more than 150 flavors to choose from, this local establishment uses only gourmet, certified-organic ingredients. Gluten-free folks also have a treat with the individually wrapped brownie sandwiches — with these, you won’t have to worry about sharing.

Tara’s Organic Ice Cream; various locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of @pandanpanda.
Empty handmade cones = endless possibilities.
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Photo: Courtesy of @instagramandrex.
Ici Ice Cream
Want to mix up your ice cream routine? Pay a visit to the East Bay for daily-changing flavors at Ici Ice Cream. If you really want to heighten the experience, go for the hand-rolled ice cream cones. Surprise: There’s a chocolate tip to make it even sweeter!

Ici Ice Cream, 2948 College Avenue (between Ashby Avenue and Russell Street), Berkeley; 510-665-6054.
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Photo: Courtesy of @annieytong.
Who says one flavor is better? Try 'em all!

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