8 Safe Beauty Hacks For Pregnant Babes

Photographed by Maia Harms.
Calling all mommas-to-be! While having a bun in the oven should be a magical time, it can often be tough on your skin — and your beauty routine. But, because nobody should have to sacrifice touching up their roots or their monthly manicures, we've address nine challenges — like figuring out which chemicals in your sun screen are pregnancy-safe — and how to master them sans caution.
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Challenge 1
You really don’t want to give up your standing mani/pedi appointment at Bergdorf’s, but you’re nervous about the potent polish.

Beauty Hack
Use a “5-free” brand like Chanel or RGB, and you’ll avoid the potentially harmful chemicals. To avoid nail infections, leading dermatologist and nail care expert Dr. Dana Stern recommends keeping your cuticles very clean. That’s a pretty good reason to maintain your current routine.

RGB Cerulean Nail Color, $18, available at B-Glowing.
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Challenge 2
Your hair color needs a “refresher,” and you’re six weeks pregnant.

Beauty Hack
During the first trimester, rely on strategic styling to draw attention away from your roots. The crown braid works every time. Starting at your part, make two French braids around the crown of your head — one on each side. If you'd rather skip the hairspray, spritz your style lightly with a homemade sea-salt spray (we like to mix hot water with epsom salt, sea salt, and hair conditioner). Once you’ve hit your second trimester, visit the nearest salon that offers all-natural hair coloring, like Aveda salons, which are located nationwide.
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Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color In Ballerina, $27, available at Chanel.
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Challenge 3
You should be looking forward to your babymoon in Anguilla, but the ingredient-list in sunscreen is terrifying.

Beauty Hack
Go natural. Pregnancy beauty company, Nine Naturals, just launched a new sunscreen that’s created with eight all-natural, organic ingredients, and zero harmful chemicals. We like that it’s SPF 32. While SPF 30 always seems too light, 40 is a bit aggressive — 32 is just right.

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Nine Naturals Natural Sunscreen SPF 32, $24, available at Nine Naturals.
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Challenge 4
You're a bridesmaid this weekend, and there's an unseemly blemish starting back at you in the mirror. Your usual, quick-fix cream is full of salicylic acid.

Beauty Hack
Replace your old zit zapper with the Citrus Blemish Acne Spot Gel from Novena. It's packed with Witch Hazel, which is like nature's Retin-A. Dancing with the StarsAnna Trebunskaya is a big fan.

Novena Citrus Blemish Acne Spot Gel, $11.99, available at Novena.
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Challenge 5
“I’m feeling puffy” would be your understatement of the year.

Beauty Hack
While it might seem counterintuitive, drink as much water as you can; it will help you flush out excess sodium. Then, invest in a pair of compression tights that can help reduce swelling in your legs, like these Sigvaris Maternity Tights available at A Pea In The Pod.

Sigvaris Opaque Graduated Compression Maternity Tights, $64.95, available at Destination Maternity.
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Challenge 6
Your skin is so itchy during the day that it’s impossible to pay attention on conference calls — and that wasn’t easy pre-pregnancy!

Beauty Hack
Toss The Honest Company’s Beauty Belly Balm in your workbag. The omega oils are proven to relieve itchiness, and its balmy consistency is less slippery than other creams, making it ideal for applying under your Equipment blouse.

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The Honest Company Organic Belly Balm, $15.95, available at The Honest Company.
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Challenge 7
The “pregnancy glow” feels like a total myth. You’d settle for a faux-glow, but your go-to tinted moisturizer has paraben written all over it.

Beauty Hack
Try Juice Beauty’s tinted moisturizers. Their all-natural line of skin care is safe to use throughout your entire pregnancy. The tinted moisturizers come in four colors.

Juice Beauty SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Moisturizer, $29, available at Juice Beauty.
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If none of Juice Beauty's formulas match your skin tone, mix their sheer moisturizer with one of Tarte’s paraben-free foundations. NEXT: 5 Rules For Buying Maternity Wear Online

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full Coverage Foundation, $38, available at Tarte.