High Brow: 9 Ways To Up Your Eyebrow Game

Photographed by Tom Corbett.
From the ages of 15–25 years old, I was in a seriously strange relationship with tweezers. And, by seriously strange, I mean that I basically plucked my normally full brows to within an inch of their life. Clara Bow was cool and all, but the pencil-thin brow neither looks Gatsby-esque whimsical or Orange Is the New Black-edgy on me — or most people, for that matter. But, hooray! These cruelty-free products allow you to groom, shape, darken, and tame your brows so your eyebrow game can stay as strong as your animal-lovin’ game.
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Step 1: Get Growing
MyChelle Ultimate Lash and Brow Serum: If you’ve hit your brows hard with the tweezers or just aren’t genetically blessed with thick brows (I mean, who is?), this natural serum can help to get ‘em growing with Anageline, apple fruit stem cells, and Myracle Peptide Complex that stimulates growth, follicles, and hair health.
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Step 2: Consider Going Darker
No matter your hair color, never underestimate how slightly darkened eyebrows can completely change your face in a good way. This at-home kit is easy to mix, apply, and use, and if you have a steady hand with a cotton swab, you can get salon-quality results while lounging in your sweats. There are lots of color options, too, so you can feel free to really mix it up.
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Step 3: Shape Your Future
Not sure what shape is right for you? The guru of brow game, Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Stencils, are reusable and come complete with angle measurements, to help you find the most flattering shape.
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Pencil in what you decide and then use these brown strips to make the magic happen. They’re already pre-shaped to clean up under and above brows.
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Step 5: Clean Up The Stragglers
Created in collaboration with design guru, Michael Graves, these tweezers are sleek and precise. The dual tip allows you to target thick and fine hairs while the no-slip grip keeps things secure. Use sparingly to clean up, rather than shape the brows, and you’ll have fuller brows in no time.
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Step 4: Consider Length
Bold brows are de rigueur, but that doesn't mean letting your eyebrow hairs grow willy-nilly. If your brows grow fast, invest in a trimmer brush with a comb guard that'll allow you to collect hair and snip long stragglers, all without taking off too much length.
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Finish up with this handy grooming tool to handle baby-fine hairs (and the fuzz on your face, lips, and anywhere else that risks making your brows look less-than-polished). This is the instrument to turn to after you've waxed or plucked.
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Step 6: Fill And Enhance
I personally love the precision of a liquid pen for recreating tiny brow hairs, especially if you’re covering an over-plucking incident or wanting to extend the reach of your natural brows without looking like a marionette. Available in two colors, you can choose one or both to replicate the natural shade of your brows.
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Step 7: Groom And Keep In Place
Now that you’ve got the perfect shape and shade, brush your beauties upward with this lash and brow brush.
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This compact gives you two shades of creamy vegan wax to not just tame but also tint your brows.

e.l.f studio eyebrow kit, $3, available at e.l.f.
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Step 8: Highlight
Admittedly, this is pretty much my favorite makeup item on the planet. Coconut water-infused shadows, incredible shading, and contouring blushes make this palette a star, but the real standout is the creamy highlighter in Gold Dust (which you can only get via the palette). A swipe of this along the brow bone, and immediately, the area under your brow has instant lift (try it in the corner of your eyes for an ethereal look that complements brows).
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Step 9: Cleanse With Care
Your brows are much like your lashes: Too much tugging or abrasive foaming, and they won’t be as strong. I adore oil cleansers, and a makeup remover that contains a cleansing oil is by far my favorite product. Soothing oils cleanse away makeup and hydrate the skin and brow-bone area.

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