The Easiest Clutch To DIY For NYE

NYE is a night of magic. Under the confetti blasts at the stroke of midnight, it's as if anything could happen. An evening with that much potential deserves a splashy accessory that shows off your adventurous side (especially if you're slipping into your faithful LBD). The festivities call for a bag of playful proportions.
Luckily, all you need are plastic googly eyes from your craft store (bonus if you find some with lashes to mix in), a few tiny crystals (we went with Swaroskvski to up the shine factor), and glue — and suddenly your blasé clutch has a new wink. Click through for the easy DIY. Just remember: You're gonna want to keep an eye on this one when the place gets crowded.
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Photographed by Janelle Jones.
What You'll Need
A black clutch
Plastic googly eyes
Square gems
Small gems
Coffee Stirrer
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Photographed by Janelle Jones.
Step 1: Choose your eyeball carefully. Or, let it choose you.
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Photographed by Janelle Jones.
Step 2: Dab a small dot onto the back of the eye or gem. Use the coffee stirrers for the smaller ones.
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Photographed by Janelle Jones.
Step 3: Keep adding as your heart desires. Mix various shapes and sizes. Once you're finished, let the glue dry overnight.

There's no mistaking this bag for other partygoers' accoutrements — that's easy to see.
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