Apartment Makeover In 29 Spring Buys

Few things make us happier than spending time picking the brains of San Francisco's seasoned interior designers, gleaning their best apartment upgrades — and the shopable products to match.
Think of the following gallery as your survival kit to interior decorating. Whenever a décor emergency arises, just turn to these five decorators and their fool-proof tips.
From contemporary objects to top those surfaces, to the eclectic textile to lay beneath, and even a pin-worthy bar cart, your space can be unmatchably chic. And, with these 29 tried-and-true tricks, you'll never be faced with a blank wall or cushion-less chaise again. On that note, grab a pen and pad because these slivers of wisdom are pure gold.
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Photo: Courtesy of Caitlin Flemming.
Caitlin Flemming

Tip 1:
"While some items in a home can be new and less expensive, it’s important to also add unique items that aren’t mass-produced. My go-to place for such items is Bly – an online shop that buys directly from artisans around the world. One item I always find a use for are the Indian brass cups. Each is uniquely etched and they are lovely on a desk or as a small bed vase."

Bly Vintage Ambapali Tumbler, $89.95, available at Project Bly.
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Tip 2:
"I recently splurged and purchased Aesop soap and lotion for my home. When I smelled the geranium scent, I was won over and had to have it. Not only are the scents lovely, but the packaging is perfect – brown bottles with a simple label that fits into nearly all decor."

Aesop Geranium Leaf Duet, $123, available at Aesop.
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Tip 3:
"Whenever I design a client’s home, I stress the importance of investing in a quality rug. A handmade rug can make all the difference in a room looking both finished and interesting. I find the collection of rugs by Madeline Weinrib to be perfect. She collaborates with artisans who use ancient techniques and combines this with her more contemporary designs."

Madeline Weinrib Jordan Cotton Carpet, $525 to $3,200, available at Madeline Weinrib.
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Tip 4:
"If you are short on space and, like me, have a steady stream of visitors, the West Elm Parsons Daybed is a great choice. I’m considering one for my guest room that is also part of my office area. Most of the time it will provide seating for a room and also serve as a place for guests to sleep."

West Elm Parsons Day Bed, $849, available at West Elm.
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Tip 5:
"I have fallen head-over-heels for the hand-dyed pillows created by Rebecca Atwood. Each pillow is a work of art and can transform an ordinary sofa or chair into something extraordinary. I currently have three in my own home and they make me smile every time I look at them."

Rebecca Atwood Painted Stripe Pillow, $225, available at Rebecca Atwood.
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Photo: Courtesy of Grant Gibson.
Grant Gibson

Tip 1: "It's no secret that I really am into black and white. This throw from Nate Berkus is a great addition to throw over a chairs or sofa."

Nate Berkus Border Knit Throws, $24.48, available at Target.
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Tip 2:
"I love the shape and design of this. The brass really would transform a space."

Anthropologie Euclidean Pendant, $248, available at Anthropologie.
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Tip 3:
"I've been in love this bamboo flatware from Hudson Grace ever since I saw it last year. Always so classic and timeless, [it's] the perfect addition to any table!"

Hudson Grace French Bamboo 5-Piece Place Setting, $95, available at Hudson Grace.
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Tip 4:
"This natural tree stump adds a great element to a space and is sturdy enough to sit on for extra seating. Group a couple together for a really interesting coffee table alternative. Great for small space and city living."

West Elm Natural Tree Stump Side Table, $199, available at West Elm.
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Tip 5:
"I just returned from a trip to Istanbul and love these vintage Oushak area rugs from Jayson Home. Layered on top of a sisal or jute, it adds such depth and history to a space."

Jayson Home Vintage Oushak Rug, $2,250, available at Jayson Home.
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Photo: Courtesy of Jay Jeffers.
Jay Jeffers
Tip 1:
"Every home needs a little something 'crusty' to give it that collected-cool feel. I love this etagere because it add height to a room, it's funky, and you can fill it with cool objects from your travels, family photos — all black and white in nice frames, please — and other cool stuff."

Cavalier by Jay Jeffers Etagere Grotto Revival, $2,200, available at Dering Hall.
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Tip 2:
"Everyone needs a squishy, soft, cozy throw to cover your feet or your entire body while watching your favorite movie. I love these chunky alpaca and mohair throws."

Alicia Adams Alpaca "Links" Throw, $795, available at Dering Hall.
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Tip 3:
"Alexandra Von Furstenberg is a genius when it comes to lucite. These gorgeous charm bowls add a bit of drama and sophistication to any space."

Alexander Von Furstenberg Printed Acrylic Charm Bowl, $415, available at Dering Hall.
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Tip 4:
"This dining table I designed is covered in plaster, so it has an amazing textural quality to it. Fantastic for an entryway or breakfast table."

Jay Jeffers Chapnick Dining Table, $10,500, available at Dering Hall.
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Tip 5:
"Paul Benson is a talented artist I've worked with for years. He designed these beautiful bar carts for me. I think every room needs a bar cart…well, maybe not the nursery!"

Paul Benson Bespoke Bar Carts, $4,200, available at Dering Hall.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lisa Bakamis.
Lisa Bakamis

Tip 1:
"I have an absolute love for accenting any space with a unique, vibrant wallpaper or wall-covering — with an emphasis on small cozy spaces! For example, you can really glam up a powder room, a small intimate dining room, an entry hall, or a small work space with a killer patterned or textured paper. It becomes a total statement, and is sometimes all you need to create some interest in a space."

Schumacher Wallpaper Malaga Graphite Wallpaper, $80.99 per 13.5' Single Roll, available at Wall Papers To Go.
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Tip 2:
"This is a super inexpensive way to create a customized look with an ordinary piece of furniture or even with cabinetry. For about $10 to 15 per knob or pull, you can completely change the feel of a piece of furniture or create a new look for your kitchen cabinets! Anthropologie carries some of the most unique knobs, pulls, and handles I have ever seen."

Anthropologie Ayaka Knob, $8, available at Anthropologie.
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Tip 3:
"This is typically where I gain the majority of my inspiration for an entire room design: an eclectic color scheme — consisting of a collection of four or five stunning fabrics with great complimentary pattern content and scale to one another — as well as an unexpected pop of random bold color. I consider accent pillows to be the most accentuating and defining pieces of 'room jewelry.'"

Room & Board Hive 18sq Pillow, $129, available at Room & Board.
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Tip 4:
"I am loving industrial light fixtures with a hint of glam to them — constructed of glass, filament bulbs, steel, rope, etc. However, done in an elegant way. Again, it is that mix of elements that I am drawn to, and exactly what I think creates a conversation piece. Whether they be large focal pieces in the room, or dainty pendants, they always seem to make a statement, without feeling overwhelming."

The Light Factory Custom Gilded Floating Bubble Chandelier, $475, available at Etsy.
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Tip 5:
"I am obsessed with mixing in amazing vintage pieces with my designs. Typically, my designs are pretty clean and modern, however, I spice them up with fun vintage accents to provide a more 'collected' look. Right now, my favorite frame style is the very bohemian inspired peacock chair. I love it best when paired with a lovely sheepskin pelt, lightly tossed over the arm and seat for a little extra comfort and sass!"

Hospitality Rattan Peacock Chair Buri, $264.17, available at Amazon.
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Photo: Courtesy of Nicole Hollis.
Nicole Hollis

Tip 1:
"I love fashion and I love art. I'd hang this locally made piece in my entryway or powder room to add texture and soften the space. I love its neo-tribal vibe."

Erica Tanov Wall Hanging, $334, available at Erica Tanov.
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Tip 2:
"You can never have too many trays. I use trays to anchor accessories on my dressing table, bowls of fruit and condiments on the kitchen counter, or on coffee tables for flowers and books. They add a subtle but grounding layer and help frame items around the house. Trays turn the everyday into an intentional collection."

Michael Verheyden Serve Set Three Stainless Steel Trays, $1,300, available at March.
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Tip 3:
"Never underestimate the impact light makes — especially candles. These candlesticks function like small sculptures even when not in use. Pair them with a simple linen tablecloth for relaxed family dinners or with a low bowl of seasonal blooms for an intimate dinner for two."

John Pawson Novy Dvur Bronze Candle Holder, $495, available at March.
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Tip 3:
"Lilith Rockett makes exquisite hand-thrown porcelain pieces. I'd set this bowl on my mantle or fill it with white tulips for the table. Her pieces just glow."

Lilith Rockett Ceramics Translucent Porcelain, $350, available at Lilith Rockett.
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Tip 4:
"Lighting is the best investment; it has tremendous impact on a space and is extremely versatile. Try unexpected combinations, like pairing a classic chandelier with a modern table and chairs. Don't be afraid of oversized pendants — they add drama and scale to a space. I'm thinking about hanging two of these Rich Briliant Willing above my kitchen island, its spacecraft-meets-pleats aesthetic will work wonders against the traditional victorian molding."

Rich Brilliant Willing Delta IV Black, $2,025, available at Rich Brilliant Willing.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sunny K. Merry.
Sunny K. Merry

Tip 1:
"Thomas Paul has these graphic rugs that are straight out the '70s without the age of a vintage rug. They scream Studio 54-era penthouse in the sky."

Thomas Paul Geometric Rug Round, $1,402, available at Thomas Paul.
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Tip 2:
"I love all the acrylic pieces by Alexandra Von Fursentenburg, but this limited edition rock box is a great gift for a really nice friend or a sweet dressing table accessory."

Alexander Von Furstenberg Limited Edition Rock Box Yellow, $680, available at Alexander Von Furstenberg.
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Tip 3:
"West Elm offers these lightweight side tables that are great because they don't compete with any other design elements."

West Elm Gates Lacquer Coffee Table, $119.99, available at West Elm.
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Tip 4:
"I'm a sucker for a whimsical pom-pom tassel. Anthropologie has these great shear curtains lined in pom-poms."

Anthropologie Pom Tassel Curtain, $78 - $108, available at Anthropologie.

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