Here's Why Your Tummy Makes Weird Noises

Illustrated by Marina Esmeraldo.
Our stomachs are notorious for growling only when the office is completely quiet. But, beyond alerting us to the fact that we've gone without lunch for 15 minutes too long, we're not always sure what our tummies are trying to tell us. Thankfully, this new video from SciShow is here to clear up the confusion.

Turns out, although the noises are related to your hunger level, that's not necessarily what's causing them. Instead, the gurgles are caused by your muscles contracting and pushing air (a.k.a. gas) through your digestive system. When you eat, the contractions calm down. Having food in your belly also muffles the sounds. 

What can you do to make the noises stop? Unfortunately, not a lot. Some suggest avoiding things like carbonated beverages or anything containing lactose that may cause excess air. But, as the video says, the noises are just evidence that your digestive system is doing its thing — which is better than the alternative.
Video: Via YouTube.

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