What We're Wearing: Willow Shows Off Her Gilt Sale Score

Willow Lindley, Editorial Intern
What I'm Wearing: "Rachel Comey sweater dress (Gilt sale score!), new Uniqlo tights that I'm obsessed with, Uniqlo socks, thrifted Ferragamo sweater that I'm sure belonged to someone's granddad, Calvin Klein peacoat, Modern Vintage watch band bracelets, Madewell boots, and a thrifted purse that is probably my favorite find, ever."
What's my next shopping purchase: "Short term, I'm buying wallpaper glue so I can put up the new, giant map I just bought online in my bedroom, and preordering the Middle Brother album (so excited!). Long term, I'm on the hunt for a new and extra warm winter coat that is slightly lower-profile than the sub zero puffer I've had for a few years now."
What I had for lunch today: "Veggie dumplings from Wonton Garden. I didn't even know I liked veggie dumplings (or that they could be a meal) until I tried these ones, and man will I miss them when I am in LA for the next month—they are that good!"
What's the weirdest thing in my bag right now: "It is definitely time to clean out my bag. Mostly, it's just a random selection of notecards, as I'm in the middle of finals, specifically a whole lot of paintings (everything and everything from Duchamp to Warhol) for my Art History final."
Photo taken on the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1, special thanks to Panasonic.

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