What We're Wearing: Shawna Gets Furry In eBay

Shawna Strayhorn, Director of Marketing & Partnerships
What I'm Wearing: "I am wearing a black ASOS summer sundress refashioned for a NYC winter day with a oversized vintage tweed men's blazer scored from Oona's in Harvard Square years ago! I'm pairing that with classic, New England duckboots, a lime green (it reminds me of summer!) pashima from Chinatown's Pashmina Mall, and a vintage fur stole—my biggest eBay vintage find to date."
Makeup Look Du Jour:"I rely on my go-to color which is Ruby Woo by MAC Cosmetics. The shade is so matte it may as well be clay. I stay simple make-up wise keeping to just one pop of color. I've always preferred lipstick as it reminds me of old Hollywood."
Favorite Holiday Gift: "I got so much good stuff from folks who love me. My favorite gift I have to say is a sturdy messenger back from Brooklyn Industries. Sturdy leather trim and bright gold hardware— I'm in love."
Have You Been Keeping Up Your New Year's Resolution?: "My goal is to get back into my Bikram practice regularly and cook for myself more. Last night's dinner was this zucchini and shrimp mash-up on a plate. So far, so good. Bikram on the other hand..."

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