What We're Wearing: Robin Swipes Her New Favorite Shirt

Robin Reetz, E-Commerce Manager
What I'm Wearing: "My roommate got this shirt at the Brooklyn Flea and I definitely stole it out of her closet last night—it may be my new favorite shirt, even if it's technically not mine! My pants are good ol' H&M and my jacket is from a great Salvation Army near my apartment."
Hair Secret: "No hair secrets. I literally bought my first brush in years last weekend."
Reading List: "I just started Freedom by Jonathan Franzen and so far it's definitely living up to the hype. Before that, it was One Day by David Nicholls which I would highly recommend."
Fave New Restaurant: "The roommate whose shirt I stole is a food blogger and an amazing cook, so I mostly just eat at home. She's just started a supper club with a couple of our friends which is perfect for me since all of the meals are served at our apartment! Is it lazy to say that my favorite restaurant is in my own kitchen?"

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