What We’re Wearing: Kristian’s Addictions Add Up

Kristian Laliberte, New York Editor
What I'm Wearing: "These Retro Super Future sunglasses saved me this summer, and I still can't get enough. The coat is an old sample that Alan Eckstein from Timo Weiland gave me (it has a rad double lining), the cardigan is Rugby, the shirt is Ralph Lauren, and the jeans are new A.P.C.s that I'm on week two of breaking in. Oh, and I found those Red Wing boots from somewhere like Tokio 7. I remember them being a ridic deal."
Hair Secret: "I am addicted to The Drawing Room. Hair stylist Clyde Elezi kind of looks at you from every angle and talks over the best options—he seriously knows what he's doing. Ladies, he's straight, cute, and charming as whoa, so I think that's worth the trip alone!"
Reading List: "Speaking of addictions, I've been inhaling both Tarquin Hall's Vish Puri detective stories and Alan Bradley's Flavia de Luce books. They have original, hilarious, and offbeat protagonists that you wish were your friends. Oh man, do I sound like a total dork?"
Fave New Restaurant: "I'm tripping (just to continue the drug reference) over the fact Westville East has reopened. It's my numero uno for first dates, healthy bites, reasonable wine, sweet potato fries...okay, I'll stop."