What We’re Wearing: Erin Rediscovers A Long Lost Makeup Standby

Erin Grant, Editorial Intern
What I'm Wearing: "Urban Outfitters dress, thrifted cardigan, tights and scarf from who knows where, socks stolen from my dad's drawer, and Aldo shoes. The coat I have on I got for, like, $15 at the wonderful thrift store in Wisconsin that I love so very much."
Beauty Look Du Jour: "I recently rediscovered a long-lost MAC eye shadow base in this really nice taupe color, so I've been wearing that like crazy, plus the same old brown eyeshadow, mascara, and whatever lip color I happened to have in my bag. Overall a pretty routine day, makeup-wise."
Favorite Holiday Gift: "A totally gorgeous giant photojournalism book, chock full of beautiful and arresting images from all over the world. It's almost dog-eared already."
Have You Been Keeping Up Your New Year's Resolution: "I kept my resolution pretty vague in hopes that I'd be more likely to follow it. I want to be healthier and take better care of myself this year, so I've been popping my vitamins every day, dragging myself to yoga even when it's below freezing, and drinking literally cartons of OJ."