What We're Wearing: Claire's Come-What-May Uniform

Claire Thomas: West Coast Photographer
What I'm wearing: This is basically my uniform: A Phillip Lim black blazer my sister and I split on sale and my dark wash J Brand jeans. If I don't know where my day is taking me, I slip this combo on and know I'm ready for whatever. For a wintery pop, I added this nubby Forever21 sweater with a looped cowl neck and some intense Wang booties.
My beauty look du jour: I love a swipe of eyeliner and some dr pepper lip balm. Yes, I'm 12 years old. 
What's on my iTunes: I'm a jazz dork, so Kenny Dorham and Art Blakey have been making the rounds.
What's on my to-do list: This persimmon pie won't bake itself!

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