What We're Wearing: Zooey's Grunge Outfit

Zooey Purdy, Software Engineer
What I'm Wearing: "A thrifted black T-shirt over a button-down H&M tank, vintage black Levi's cutoffs, and a Zara bag. I ordered the beanie off Amazon (hah!)...vintage patent boots (they actually have little black spikes on the back that you can't see in the photo), and white socks from Rite Aid. I tweeted that I dubbed this outfit 'Orthodox-Grunge' because an old Orthodox Jewish man on the M train with me was wearing an outfit eerily similar to this..."
Next Purchase I'm Saving Up For: "A portable dishwasher. Yes, those exist! And I need one.
What I Had For Breakfast: "Homemade mocha-cayenne iced coffee and ham, egg, and cheese on an English muffin from Subway!"
What's On My End-of-Summer To-Do List: "Find a way to repel bugs more effectively, and then drink Margaritas in my backyard with every second of free time I have."

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