What We're Wearing: Michelle Steps Out From Behind The Camera

MIchelle Peralta, Photo Intern
What I'm Wearing: "A Prada cashmere sweater that I stole from one of my guy friends, Madewell jeans, We Who See boots, and a Gap trenchcoat. I'm all over the tight-on-bottom, baggy-on-top look. The hat's vintage!"
On The First Day Of Hot Weather You'll Find Me: "In the Dominican Republic taking photos and enjoying the sun with my family."
My Styling Tip These Days: " Lately, I've been trying to mix neutrals with edgier pieces like a moto jacket or lace-up boots."
3 Things That Are Always In My Fridge: "I'm usually too busy to go grocery shopping so at the moment there's nothing in my fridge. But on a good day, there would probably be green apples, greek yogurt, and leftover pasta."

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