What We’re Wearing: Lisa’s Hard-To-Pronounce Bag

Lisa Eppich, Editorial Intern

What I'm Wearing: "The skirt and top are from JCrew, my shoes are Osborn, the necklace is thrifted, the bag is Bereitschaftstasche and my glasses are Warby Parker."
On The First Day Of Hot Weather You'll Find Me:" Complaining! I hate the heat and I've had enough of sticky New York summers. I am, however, looking forward to ditching my black stockings and putting on bright colors, especially getting back to my poor neglected bright lipsticks."
My Styling Tip These Days: "I hate hearing people talk about how they wish they could pull off a certain look or trend. There are so many different ways to incorporate a new style, I wish people would just go for it more often. Give something new and daring a try!"
3 Things That Are Always In My Fridge: "Eggplant, radishes, peas. I use these three ingredients in pretty much every meal every day. Cook in some olive oil and lemon juice, add some couscous, dry cheese, and a fried egg and you have the perfect lunch.