What We’re Wearing: Lisa Channels Where’s Waldo

Lisa Dionisio, Managing Editor
What I'm Wearing: "I didn't realize it, but I think I'm rocking some sort of Where's Waldo? look with my Topshop sweater, Alexa Chung for Madewell pea coat, and round glasses. I'm just missing the beanie and the cane. I'm also wearing a leather skirt from Zara, pink loafers from J.Crew, and my Mayle Billie bag."
The Vacation I'm Dying To Have: "I'm actually excited for this question because I'm finally going on a big vacation. Yippee! My brother and I are planning a surprise trip to the Philippines for my grandfather's birthday—most of my family doesn't know about it, so I hope they don't read this or anybody spills the secret before I get there."
What's On My iPod: "It hasn't been updated in a really long time. Right now, I have Band of Horses, Kings of Leon, Iron & Wine, Jenny Lewis, and some of our R29 playlists on there."
3 Things On My Bedside Table: "A stack of old Vogue and Glamour magazines, dust bunnies, and an ugly Ikea lamp."