What We’re Wearing: Isabelle Stacks Shirts ON Shirts

Isabelle Rancier, Designer
What I'm Wearing: "Jeans from Madewell, two tops from Tophshop layered on over the other, a blazer from Club Monaco that I've had forever and an Alexander Wang bag. My shoes are by Guiseppe Zanotti and I never want to take them off- they make me feel like David Bowie."
On The First Day Of Hot Weather You'll Find Me: "Biking around Governor's Island or at my mom's lake house upstate. I can't wait to go swimming at night."
My Styling Tip These Days: "I'm not going to tell you what to do—but I'd love it if you wore your button-ups buttoned all the way up."
3 Things That Are Always In My Fridge: "To my great despair, my sister/ roommate is apprenticing to be a pastry chef, so our fridge is always stuffed with unbelievably delicious and hyper-caloric treats. My life sucks."