What We're Wearing: Christie Channels Her Mom In The '70s

What I'm Wearing: "I call this my 'Moonbeam Look,' because it's so largely inspired by my hippie-dippie (and style-savvy) Mom. In fact, if you color-corrected this photo and gave me a righteous tan, I'd look exactly like her, circa '73. My muddy-brown tank is from some long-ago American Apparel sale, and the wide-legged jeans are an adventurous new purchase from the Gap. The leather belt is a vintage piece I picked up at a flea market in Arizona, and the hat and bag are vintage, as well. My jumbo, earthy rings—amber and labradorite, respectively—also come from art fairs in Arizona. They're said to have some pretty choice metaphysical properties, but I don't know what they are."
Next Purchase I'm Saving Up For: "Boots, boots, and more boots! I've been trolling all the sites looking for the latest and greatest in fall footwear, and I think ankle boots are the next seasonal move. They're incredibly chic, can be sophisticated and streamlined in simple colors and textures, or can be wild and statement-y in cool patterns. I'm particularly fond of a leopard-print, high-heeled one made by Sam Edelman. They're very Nicki Minaj-meets-office-appropriate."
What I Had For Breakfast: "Ugh, nothing. Except for coffee, of course. I always forget to eat breakfast; It's one of my worst habits. I did, however, have a rather noble Chinese food feast for lunch."
What's On My Summer To-Do List: "A lot of outdoor reading, hopefully by a body of water."

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