What We're Wearing: Christene's White Tuxedo

Christene Barberich, Editor-in-Chief
What I'm Wearing: "The jacket is one-half of a white pant-suit tuxedo by Lover. I die for that suit! The red pants are vintage from the Salvation Army, the polka-dot tank is like a million years old from H&M, the shoes are A.P.C., and sadly, kill my feet, and that bag is an old favorite from Longchamp. After all these years, I still like to use it from time to time."
Next Purchase I'm Saving Up For: "No question, any of the shoes from the fall/winter 2011 Fendi collection. I just tried them on at a photo-shoot and I'm pretty sure the angels wept." 
What I Had For Breakfast: "Today, it was a toasted piece of Ezekial bread with a fried organic egg on top. Yummy."
What's On My End-of-Summer To-Do List: "Go to New Zealand Fashion Week, have one last blissful weekend at Fire Island, and enter September with a calm and optimistic perspective."

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