What We’re Wearing: Isabelle Brings Out Old Faithful And A Golden Gift

Isabelle Rancier, Designer

What I'm Wearing: "I'm wearing my beloved gold lamé Betsey Johnson shorts—a gift from my boyfriend. My shirt is Old Faithful—a denim Madewell shirt—under a black Theory sweater with a lace back. I stole the Rachel Comey shoes from my twin sister's closet. My Zara leather jacket is a staple and a decent enough substitute until I can afford my Rick Owens dream jacket. My scarf is a poncho from Urban Outfitters, and my bag is Alexander Wang."
The Vacation I'm Dying To Have: "I would kill to go to Iceland at the end of the month- there is a huge annual design festival in Reykjavik. I love Scandinavia and I've always wanted to see the northern lights."
What's on my Ipod: "My boyfriend's band, Bluejay, and a lot of Robyn."
3 Things On My Bedside Table: "This is really weird and creepy—my friend sent me a box of 10 sable faces (little rodents) he got off the internet as a jokey housewarming gift. They're still sitting in their box, I have no idea what to do with them. Secondly, a mess of old tangled chains and jewelry (I'm a jewelry hoarder), and thirdly, an amazing lavender candle that was a gift from my mom."