The Perfect Day Trip: Oakland's Hot Temescal 'Hood

Feel a day trip coming on? Grab a seat on the BART and head no further than one of Oakland’s oldest and coolest ‘hoods: Temescal. Dubbed the “new gourmet ghetto” by the in-the-know foodies, the area—which is right off of the MacArthur stop—is also becoming home to a host of amazing boutiques, flower shops, tattoo parlors, and salons. Just where should you head first? For all the intel, check out our super-inspiring, action-packed guide on where to eat, shop, and play in one of our favorite Bay Area ‘hoods. We’ll see you out in Oakland!
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The sign, which you'll notice a couple minutes walk outside of the BART MacArthur stop, says it all! Most of the 'hood's action goes down on Telegraph Avenue, between 40th and 51st Street, with 40th Street and 49th Street also serving as hot strips.

Photo: Katie Hintz-Zambrano
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On 49th Street, arrows point the way to Lauren Wolf's beautiful, light-soaked jewelry shop Esqueleto and the Temescal Alley Barbershop.

Photo: Gina Esposito
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A look at the utterly charming (and car-free) Temescal Alley, which already holds a decor shop, jewelry boutique, florist, and barbershop. Rumor has it a donut outpost and the debut store of local designer Ali Golden are also on the way.

Photo: Gina Esposito
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A peek inside of jewelry shop Esqueleto, which sells goods by owner Lauren Wolf, along with pieces by locals Rebecca Overmann, Sarah Swell, and Jessica Winzelberg, and Brooklyn bauble-makers T.Kahres and ALLFORTHEMOUNTAIN. Plus, artwork!

Esqueleto, 482a 49th Street (at Telegraph Avenue), Oakland; 212-920-5666.

Photo: Gina Esposito
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"We often feel like we're in a white-washed, desert abode surrounded by fabulous jewelry," Wolf (pictured) says of the space.

See more images of the store here.

Photo: Gina Esposito
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This old-school barbershop serves up $22 haircuts, $22 hot razor shaves, and $10 beard trims for the fellas, all in an uber-masculine, throwback setting.

Temescal Alley Barbershop, 470b 49th Street (between Clarke Street and Telegraph Avenue), Oakland; 510-761-5074.

Photo: Gina Esposito
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"Barbershops used to be a place where a man would go to not only get groomed, but also a place for him to relax and socialize among men," says owner Bradley Roberts. "Now so many men go to salons and they loose the community and the traditions of the barbershop."

His shop, of course, is looking to change all of that. See more images of it here!

Photo: Gina Esposito
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UC Berkeley grad Marisa Haskell has also set up a pint-sized jewelry shop on the strip. And quirky decor store Lot 49—a few doors down—was one of the retail forebears in the area.

Marisa Haskell, 470d 49th Street (between Clarke Street and Telegraph Avenue), Oakland; 510-325-0019.

Lot 49, 470 49th Street (between Clarke Street and Telegraph Avenue), Oakland; 415-328-4756.

Photo: Gina Esposito
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Pretty flowers fill the wild-style arrangements at Temescal Alley's Crimson florist.

Crimson Horticulture Rarities, 470a 49th Street (between Clarke Street and Telegraph Avenue), Oakland; 510) 823-4608.

Photo: Gina Esposito
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The owners of Crimson play with cattails. The shop also sells art, cards, and stationery.

Photo: Gina Esposito
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And, on to the food! One of the best-known spots in Temescal is Bakesale Betty, which is known for its fried chicken sandwich (pictured), lemonade slushies, and long line snaking out the door. But don't worry, it moves fast! Other good grub spots within spitting distance of Betty's include high-end Mexican joint Doña Tomas (now serving brunch), and the cult-followed, locavore-centric Italian spot Pizzaiolo, which hosts fun movie nights out on the back patio.

Bakesale Betty, 5098 Telegraph Avenue (between 49th and 51st streets), Oakland; 510-985-1213.

Restaurante Doña Tomas, 5004 Telegraph Avenue (between 49th and 51st streets), Oakland; 510-450-0522.

Pizzaoilo, 5008 Telegraph Avenue (between 49th and 51st streets), Oakland; 510-652-4888.

Photo: Gina Esposito
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Other must-hit eateries in "the new gourmet ghetto" include mac-n-cheese den Homeroom, much-beloved Burma Superstar, new gourmet cheese shop Sacred Wheel, and solid stand-bys Aunt Mary's Cafe, The Mixing Bowl, and Dominic's Deli.

Homeroom, 400 40th Street (between Shafter Avenue and Webster Street), Oakland; 510-597-0400.

Burma Superstar, 4721 Telegraph Avenue (between 47th and 48th streets), Oakland; 510-652-2900.

Sacred Wheel, 4935 Shattuck Avenue (between 49th and 51st streets), Oakland; 510-653-1353.

Aunt Mary's Cafe, 4307 Telegraph Avenue (between 43rd and 44th streets), Oakland; 510-601-9227.

The Mixing Bowl, 4920 Telegraph Avenue, Suite A (between 49th and 51st streets), Oakland; 510-655-5630.

Dominic's Original Genova Delicatessen, 5095 Telegraph Avenue #A, (at 51st Street), Oakland; 510-652-7401.

Photo: Gina Esposito
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Ready for something a little sweeter? We're absolutely loving new-ish shop Scream Sorbet, which creates the creamiest, gelato-like sorbets using seasonal products from local farmers markets. Based on a similar premise is Tara's Organic Ice Cream further down on Telegraph. Meanwhile, get your caffeine fix at cute coffee shops Remedy Coffee and teeny-tiny java hut Subrosa.

Scream Sorbet, 5030 Telegraph Avenue (between 49th and 51st streets), Oakland; 510-394-5030.

Tara's Organic Ice Cream, 4731 Telegraph Avenue (between 47th and 48th streets), Oakland; 510-923-1567.

Remedy Coffee, 4316 Telegraph Avenue (between 43rd and 44th streets), Oakland; 510-922-8455.

Subrosa Coffee, 419 40th Street (at Webster Street), Oakland.

Photo: Katie Hintz-Zambrano
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If the baby pink building housing Hooper Vintage Skate Shop doesn't get you, the sign promising skateboards and chocolate surely will. The store, housed in a former chocolate shop (with the old sign to prove it!), has sort of funky hours, but when it is open, it serves up a winning combination of skate garb and boards, choco and tea. Plus, it has an in-shop art gallery and live music and chocolate samples doled out on Friday nights.

Hooper Vintage Skate Shop, 4632 Telegraph Avenue (at 40th Street), Oakland; 925-788-7661.

Photo: Katie Hintz-Zambrano
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If two wheels are more your thing, these two Temescal shops (listed below) are the places to go.

Tip Top Bike Shop, 4800a Telegraph Avenue (at 48th Street); 510-444-4148.

Manifesto Bicycles, 421 40th Street (between Shafter Avenue and Webster Street), Oakland; 510-595-1155.

Photo: Gina Esposito
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And, to finish off your day in an unexpected way, you can head to Tattoo 13 to commemorate the experience in ink, or comb through the stacks and boxes of crazy stuff (everything from pictures frames and crayons to doll houses and balls of yarn) at the totally unique East Bay Depot For Creative Refuse.

Tattoo 13, 4917 Telegraph Avenue (at 49th Street); Oakland; 510-655-1313.

East Bay Depot For Creative Refuse, 4695 Telegraph Avenue (between 46th and 47th streets), Oakland; 510-547-6470.

Photo: Gina Esposito

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