What I'm Wearing: Erin Gets Away With Wearing Super-Short Dresses

What I'm Wearing: "American Apparel dress and knee socks, tights rescued from the depths of my sock drawer, thrifted cardigan, and an awesome faux fur jacket by an Australian designer borrowed from fellow intern Kat, my favorite trusty vintage boots, and a CHRISHABANA necklace. My secret to getting away with wearing a super short dress to the office? Throw a giant cardigan over it!"
What's my next shopping purchase: "I'm planning to hit up Hester Street Market's Big Social Holiday Market to catch up on all the holiday shopping I haven't done (confession: all of it), so I think I'll have to pick myself up a little treat there - and definitely one of those kimchee pot pies!"
What I had for lunch today: "This ahhhhmazing butternut squash and arugula soup from Caffe Capri. I'm going to pretend the veggies offset the copious amounts of cream in it..."
What's the weirdest thing in my bag right now: "A random piece of paper about feline kidney stones from when I took my cat to the vet a few weeks ago. Very educational."

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