Weight-Loss Toe Rings: Use Your Digits To Reduce Your Digits

Feeling a little sluggish about that spring diet plan? Well, the spiritually minded designers behind SinlessLife jewelry have just the thing to motivate you to shed those unwanted lbs sans diet or excercise: toe rings. Yes, you read that correctly. Tapping deep into the ancient Japanese art of reflexology and the equally ancient practice of sassy Long Island moms garnishing their French-tipped piggies in sparkly toe trinkets, the Infinity Magnetic Weight Loss Rings are made of high-quality rubber and come fully loaded with "strategically placed magnets" that target specific pressure points that are said to trigger weight loss.
And, don't worry about looking or feeling awkward in any way when using the Infinity Weight Loss Rings. The set includes 10 rings in total — five rings per foot, for those of you paying attention — which are slipped on to EACH ONE OF YOUR TOES, much like silicone-based brass knuckles for your feet, which can be worn as you go about your daily routine.
Even better, KGB Deals is now offering SinlessLife's Infinity Weight Loss Rings for a toe-tal (sorry) discount of 70% off. Suddenly, the shake weight is starting to look a whole lot more realistic.

Photo: Via SinlessLife

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