We Love: Trunk Club In-Home Shopping For Men

We take our hats off to men who suffer through shopping. They're designated bag-holders and they even wander the aisles on their own behalf. Weeding through endless shirt/pants/jacket combinations with zero guidance is likely to lead to more frustration than sartorial success. In sum, it's never a day at the ballpark. Trunk Club responds to the plight of the fashionably stunted male with the most innovative and brilliant plan we've ever seen. We got the goods on Trunk Club from Brian Spaly, CEO, and he's helping his bros out even further by giving us a man-datory style cheat-sheet. Interested? Here's how it works:
Step 1: Fill out a questionnaire about your measurements, personal style, profession, and upcoming occasions. Be honest.
Step 2: Trunk Club will assign you a stylist, and the two of you will meet via video-conference to discuss your style needs. Yes, you can wear comfy pants while you do this.
Step 3: Your stylist ships you a selection of clothing, packaged into outfits for your review. This is when you should actually review the clothing. You can have a beer and watch the Blackhawks at the same time, we wont tell.
Step 4: Hop back onto a video conference with your stylist to review your selections. This might be a good time to try on that sweater with those pants and get your stylist's okay.
Step 5: Keep what you like, and send back what you don't with Trunk Club's provided packaging and shipping label. Easy.
Step 6: Prepare to be the best-dressed man at the party, the watercooler, or both.
Brian Spaly doesn't take style for granted, and knows that sometimes a guy just wants to get to the point. Here's his cheat-sheet for any guy who needs help putting together his style essentials.
Essential #1: A striped v-neck sweater. "A not-so-basic v-neck sweater is endlessly versatile...throw it over an oxford and khakis or dress it down with a t-shirt and shorts." We agree, because this sounds hot.
Essential #2: A sueded 5-pocket. "5-pockets are this spring's corduroys. They look as good with a blazer and button up as they do with a polo or long-sleeved tee." And anyway, it's time to throw your old cargo pants away. Please.

Essential #3
: Driving Moccasins. "These are must-haves. Wear a bold-colored pair with shorts in the summer or with chinos in the spring to add color to an outfit. " Stop.Wearing.Sneakers. With everything.

Essential #4: A well-made plaid shirt. "Change up the standard suit-and-tie look at wedings this spring with a bold dress shirt under a solid suit. Add a complimentary, but not matching pocket square and the bride will be the only better-dressed person at the party".

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