Spring Fever Supplies: What’s In Your Walk Of Shame Kit?

Wit this unexpectedly gorgeous weather comes a ton of fun. Pretty patios, grilling out, and naturally, spring fever. After a winter bundled up in layers (and layers), it's only natural that this sudden skin show-off would inspire a...connection or two. Anyone indulging in a little warm weather flirting (and more) should stock up on saucy essentials, ASAP. You don't want to get caught in the harsh morning sunlight unprepared—you're far too chic for that. Naturally, we're happy to help. You'll need a Walk Of Shame kit compiled with a frisky spring in mind. Here's what's in ours...erm...what would be in ours. You know, if we needed one. Did we miss something? Tell us in our comments section. Share the love.
Photo: Via 3floz.com.

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