The Actor Who Played Young Voldermort Is Secretly In A Lot Of Your Favorite Shows

Photo: Warner Brothers.
You may know him as Tom Riddle from the forever-beloved Harry Potter movie franchise, but did you know that Christian Coulson, arguably the cutest of all the Voldermorts, has also been on a number of popular television shows? With roles and guest appearances on Gossip Girl, Nashville, The Good Wife, and Mozart In The Jungle, it's safe to say you've probably seen the British-born actor since his role as he who shall not be named though you might not have recognized him.
Granted, Coulson made his appearance as young Voldermort in Harry Potter Chamber Of Secrets back in 2002 so he's grown up a bit since then. According to his IMDb profile, he won the role of 16-year-old Voldermort at the age of 23 despite exceeding the 15-17 age range for the casting call — proof that sometimes having a baby face has its advantages. Despite his excellent portrayal of the Dark Lord, he was unable to reprise the role for The Half-Blood Prince because he had aged out of the part, being nearly 30 at the time of filming. "I think Christian's a brilliant actor, and I thought it was a terrific piece of casting, but he's too old now," director David Yates said of the recasting.
After Chamber Of Secrets, the Cambridge graduate returned to the stage and has alternated between theater, television, and film ever since. Though he only appeared in one episode each, Coulson made appearances as Ivan in season 4 of Gossip Girl, as Andre Bergson in season 3 of The Good Wife, and as Sebastian in season 3 of Mozart In The Jungle. During the time he was playing these various roles in television series in the United States he was also making appearances on shows in the United Kingdom before he was cast as Damien George on Nashville.

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