New Must-Have Beauty Product: Vodka?

Granted, there are real, non-drinkable beauty products out there that can work absolute (Absolut?) miracles on your face. And unchecked internal application of alcohol has been proven to have deleterious effects on your skin. Nonetheless, vodka does have enough serious beauty benefits to make us consider stuffing a bottle of Ketel One in our medicine cabinets.
As BellaSugar notes, adding vodka to your beauty kit doesn't involve actually drinking it!
First off, they claim it's great for reducing hair frizz. A shot's worth of vodka added to your conditioner will lower your hair's pH levels, closing distressed cuticles and thus tempering frizz and increasing shine. That sounds pretty doable, although we wonder about the drying effects that could also have on the hair shaft — we know how dehydrated we feel after drinking it, so chances are it probably isn't adding any moisture to your strands. Still, in a pinch, it could be a useful, every-now-and-then tip.
They also say if you're low on mouthwash, a shot of the clear stuff can clean your breath in 30-seconds (just remember not to swallow). At first we considered that kind of gag-inducing, but then we remembered how horrible and stinging Listerine feels, so maybe it's not that far off. Moreover, they claim that soaking your feet in vodka can remove any unwanted smells.
Our favorite tip, though, is also the most useful. BellaSugar, who apparently knows we are too lazy to go out and buy a new pack of razors, claims that simply soaking yours blade-side-down in a glass of vodka will disinfect it and prevent rusting. Now, of course, this all assumes you've misplaced your bottle of non-potable alcohol (your beauty cabinet can always use one). Nonetheless, it's comforting to know that, in a pinch, we can always hit our dry bar for a little assistance — then mix ourselves a nice gimlet as a reward for our ingenuity. It's win-win! (BellaSugar)
Photo: Courtesy of Svedka

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