'70s' Video: NYC Used To Be A Really, Really Scary Place To Live

If you think you got it bad in NYC now, rewind 40 years ago, way pre-Giuliani's crime crackdown. We've always wanted to go back to the groovy '70s, but after seeing this video that Animal New York unearthed, we're glad we don't live in the Big Apple circa then. Yes, the fashion might have been fierce, but hearing the almost comical, PSA-ish narrative ("I can remember when public transportation was one of the prides of New York...whaaaat happened?") reminds us that NYC used to be a pretty dangerous place to live—according to this cast of characters, muggings seemed to be commonplace, and subways just generally sucked. Plus, all that graffiti everywhere would make Banksy scared.
small>Picture via Flickr.

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