Venus Is Now In Leo & Things Are About To Get Hot

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Lovelorn Venus enters hot blooded Leo on June 5 and will stay there until October 8. When Venus is in Leo, it brings passion and desire into our lives.
Venus in Leo is proud. But, as we know, sometimes we have to sacrifice our egos in order to get what we want in love. Remember that we shouldn’t be afraid to drop our past sentiments like they’re hot and replace them with newer and more relevant versions.
But Venus in Leo is also known to be generous, not only with time, but with presents. Leo rules the heart chakra, so it makes sense that this Venusian placement likes to spoil and show unconditional care towards those they love. After all, they love to roar out their emotions and show off the person they adore with endless selfies and social media posts declaring their undying affection in the most dramatic fashion. 
Financially, we’ll all want to take big risks, so it may not be the safest time to invest money. Don’t let your bravado get in the way of seeking financial advice from someone who has experience playing the stock market. They could help you out majorly. 
Important dates to remember: 
June 8: Venus squares with the Nodes of Destiny, pushing us to make decisions when it comes to love, money, and relationships. Conversely, it could bring up issues that are already present in partnerships which need changing. Depending on the route we take to mend problems, our choices can affect the future of these romantic connections. When it comes to money, a lucrative investment could come our way that we are hesitant about. Listen to your intuition before making plans. Ask for financial advice from a trusted friend, professional or family member.
June 11 August 22, and September 17: Venus squares Jupiter in Taurus three times (due to Venus retrograde). When Venus and Jupiter connect, it makes an over-the-top energy that pushes us to go big. Emotions are exaggerated and expansive. 
June 19: Venus enters its pre-shadow zone, and we will begin a story that will consume our hearts and bank accounts during Venus retrograde. Journal your sentiments and make sure to keep tabs on what’s going on. This is going to be helpful in a month, when Venus retrograde fully commences on July 22. After all, preparation is everything.
July 2, August 9, and September 30: Venus and Uranus in Taurus share a tense aspect on these days, the second fraught connection happens during Venus retrograde and the last planetary square will occur whilst Uranus is retrograde. This fraught relationship between Venus and Uranus will be a break it or make it time, as we want to let go of the constraints that hold us back and be free. Conversely, it could mean that people suddenly jump into partnerships without thinking about what the future holds.  
July 22: Venus retrograde begins, starting a time of evaluation and self-reflection around love and money. The next 44 days will be spent boosting confidence and awareness around our hearts. We are deciding what energy is and isn’t working for us anymore. 
August 13: The Sun and Venus retrograde align, creating the second part of the Venus Star Point in Leo. Venus acts in an eight-year cycle, making this Venus Star Point the middle part of the journey that started four years ago. The cycle ends in another four years. Think back to the summer of 2019 to the financial or romantic story that began then. Since Venus is retrograde during this transit, it’s asking us to be reflective of the past and present in order to plan for the future. How have you grown? What do you want to achieve? 
September 3: Venus retrograde ends, offering us a sigh of relief. We can learn the lessons of the past and navigate how to move forward with our current knowledge of matters. 
October 2: Venus aspects the Nodes of Destiny, bringing important connections and investments to our lives. The people we meet, raises we ask for, stocks that catch our eyes will be an important part of our future. The opportunities that come our way on this day are of our fate and will elevate us to towards attaining our dreams. 
October 7: Even though Venus retrograde is over, it’s orbiting the same degrees from when the retrograde began. The post-shadow that began on September 3 ends on October 7. This means that the retrograde is completely over — finally! Now, we can go back to our regularly scheduled programming having learned a lot about ourselves and others. 

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