It's Time We Talked Openly About Our Vaginal Health

appearance by Ashley Arter; appearance by Erika W. Smith; appearance by Mary Jame Minkin; appearance by Nicole Page; appearance by Sam Prasopthum; appearance by Serena Kerrigan.
You know that game where you scream "penis" at the top of your lungs? When’s the last time you shouted the word "vagina" sans inhibitions?
Yeah, that's what we thought.
In this episode of Taboo, Serena Kerrigan taps four Refinery29 employees to open up about vaginal health, and all of their questions, discomforts, and admissions that come with it. For one writer with a devout Catholic upbringing, candid conversation about vaginas is a recent development. For another, bacterial vaginosis is a recurring issue. For one more, open discussion about sexuality is still awkward and difficult, even as vaginal health becomes less stigmatized.
Fortunately, Serena has certified Ob/Gyn Mary Jane Minkin, MD on set to clear up some questions. She explains that vaginal pH is important — and that vaginas are actually acidic rather than basic. She says that odor isn't a bad thing, it's just a thing, and that if it's something we feel compelled to manage, we should lean on pH-friendly, hypoallergenic products like Vagisil's Scentsitive Scents products. And most importantly, she explains that the best thing we can do for ourselves and our vaginas is find health care providers we're comfortable speaking openly about our bodies with.
Watch above to hear more of these women's vaginal concerns — and Dr. Minkin's expert advice.

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