Your Definitive Guide To Home Decor

home decorPhotographed by Sebastian Marin.
It’s a new year, and we’re all about changes. Since home is where the heart is, we’re overhauling our abodes in a serious way. As in, we’re finally transforming our digs into something worthy of a Coveteur spread by sprinkling love into every nook and cranny — and spilling secrets along the way.
We’ve found the best trends in home decor for maximum feng shui from the NYC shoebox studio to the Los Angeles bungalow and every apartment in between. Kicking your hoarding habit? Expanding your small space? Primping your bathroom? Buckle up those overalls and flex those interior-decorating muscles. We’re getting extreme-home-makeover on your pad, and we’re doing it the R29 way with sweet finds, easy DIYs, and insider scoop.
Click over to Urban Retreat, your one-stop hub for the best in city dwelling and comfortable living. Look around. Stay a while. This year, we’re bringing it all home.

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