Like Subway, But For Sushi — Meet S.F.'s Newest Fast-Food Concept

Dream of sushi for lunch, but don't have time to sit down and wait for your rolls to be painstakingly prepped? A new concept restaurant, located around Market and 1st, is hoping to change all of that.
Dubbed U-Sushi, the fast-food (but healthy!) eatery already has an L.A. location, and starting today, San Franciscans will finally get to take a taste of it.
We tried it out earlier this week and, in essence, it's sort of like Subway, but for sushi. You stand in a quickly moving line, state your choice of rice (white or brown) and wrap (seaweed or soy paper). That combination then comes together in a rice-roller machine that features "state-of-the-art robot automation" (U-Sushi's words, not ours). Once the sheet comes out of the machine after a few seconds, you get to customize your roll with your pick of fish, veggies, garnishes, and dressings. Then, another machine cuts it into perfect little bite-sized pieces.
All in all, you could hypothetically get your roll in just a few minutes. And, as for the taste, although we didn't try everything spread out before us, the roll that we did consume was pretty darn good. Especially combined with U-Sushi's signature green tea Arnold Palmer. Traditional sides (edamame, seaweed salad, miso soup, etc.) are also on the menu. Down to try it for yourself? Jot down the address below.
U-Sushi, 525 Market Street (at 1st Street).
Photo: Courtesy of U-Sushi

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