Twitter Troll: Snoop’s Shuttered Line, Rag & Bone Flowers, And Elle Explains Its Miu Miu

ELLEUK: "Why ELLE chose that Miu Miu dress" For something to land 3 September covers and not be LiLo in the tabloids... that's a huge feat!

themoment: "Fo' Shizzle? Just read that Snoop Dogg's clothing line is no more. Who knew he even had one? SL" Chin up, Snoop. You can still design a fragrance.

sea_of_shoes: "Me: "I walked five miles" mom: "Just like Eminen in that movie" That was 8 mile mom." And we bet it was in 6 inchers. Damn, girl!
mairieclaire: "we can't stop smelling these purty flowers @rag_bone sent to the office." Feel free to send us flowers too!
styleListSays: "What do you think of Katie Holmes' new hair? The shaggy new style:" Is this 'do a publicity stunt, similar to her marriage? Or is she serious?

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