You Can’t Touch This: How Obsessive Hair Twirling Can Make You Bald

We're all guilty of manhandling our hair, be it by absent-minded twirling, constantly running our fingers through it (ahem, Kristen Stewart), or tugging on the ends when we're stressed. Harmless, right?
Well, that depends on just how often you do it. Compulsive hair handling can lead to trichotillomania, a psychological disease where people literally make themselves bald by pulling and tugging out their own hair. It always starts out innocently with a bit of twirling and then gradually spirals out of control into an obsession.
Even if you don't see your fidgeting as compulsive, that doesn't mean you aren't doing damage to your mane — constantly touching, tugging and twisting your tresses can lead to frizzier hair regrowth, or worse, follicular damage and thinner, weaker hair. Time to find a new way to occupy those idle hands. (Stylelist)

Photo: MCV Photo


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