Too Good to be True? Middle School Kids Threatened with Steve Urkel Styling

The debate over how low-slung, sagging pants worn by the rebellious youth (and their adult counterparts) should be dealt with has been raging for years. It's literally illegal in Georgia, and in New York, a murderous criminal plunging to his own death after tripping on his pants probably resulted in a few kids hiking up their own. Bobby White, the principal at Westside Middle School in Memphis, had the "eureka!" moment this unattractive epidemic has been waiting for. If students show up with too much underwear hanging out the back, their pants get hiked up to their lower rib cage a-la-Urkel and fastened with twist ties! They're then photographed for the wall of shame and have to endure the agony of embarrassment via '90s sit com reference and general discomfort. Brilliant! We applaud you, Principal White! (Racked)

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