Why You Should Be Cleaning Your Tongue

Taking care of your oral health doesn’t end at brushing and flossing. Cleaning your tongue is an important but often-forgotten step. Related: Why You Really, Really Need To Swap Out Your Toothbrush More Often “Bad breath is a by-product of toxins from the bacteria inside your mouth,” Marc Lowenberg, DDS, a cosmetic dentist at Lowenberg, Lituchy, and Kantor, told Women’s Health. The tongue can be home to many types of bacteria that can cause plaque buildup, resulting in gum disease and tooth decay. “Bacteria can also linger on your taste buds, which work like hair-like attachments in your mouth,” Dr. Lowenberg says. “These hair-like projections can trap bacteria, leading to bad oral health.” Related: This New Health App Allows Doctors To Post Pics Of Patients' Gross Medical Problems (NSFW) The solution is to invest in a tongue cleaner — which is hardly an investment at all, since they only cost about two bucks. Dr. Lowenberg explained the perks to Women's Health. “Scraping the tongue has cumulative benefits: fresher breath, less plaque buildup, and healthier gums,” he says. Try to get in the habit of scraping once a day, ideally after brushing your teeth. You’ll be on your way to fresher breath and better oral health in no time. Click through to Women's Health for more about tongue cleaning. (Women's Health) Related: I Got Busted For Using Free Passes At 7 Different Gyms

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