Tail Wagger: Shop This Designer Sale, Help Sheltered Pups

We’re already convinced that posh ladies and their super-cute pooches go together like “Rag” and “Bone” — just scope out our dog-stalking ventures for the pawdorable proof. And channeling our love for canines and clothing is online consignment shop Threadflip. The web hub for covetable, traded merch has partnered with Socialyte to help sheltered animals of the Rescue Paw Foundation, which has already saved nearly 2,000 rescues in its no-kill shelters.
Just yesterday, fashion folks such as Candy Pratts Price, Mickey Boardman, and Genevieve Jones donated their duds to the site. And to our delight, 100% of every purchase from today until Friday goes directly to the pups. Heart strings feeling the tug yet? Us, too. And the shopping selection, from a Dolce and Gabbana belted overcoat to a floral Marc Jacobs frock, has us seriously howlin’. All you gotta do is head over to Threadflip, shop for some fall gear, and help our four-legged friends stay on their feet.

Photo: Via Facebook/Threadflip