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This Is Our Jam: Real Estate, “It’s Real”

If everything you knew about New Jersey was what you learned from listening to Real Estate, you may have some unusual ideas about the Garden State. Real Estate’s vision of New Jersey is more beach paradise than suburban sprawl. They create a blissed-out world where parking lots have been replaced by sandy beaches and Walmarts have turned into surf shops; this isn't the overcrowded sound of the Jersey Shore, but would play nicely on the stereo of your rich uncle's vacation home. “It's Real,” the first single from their new album Days, continues with the sunny reverb-soaked vibe of Real Estate's past records, but ups both the fidelity and song-craft. The result really isn’t much different than past songs, but the new crispness gives a bit more oomf to their melodic pop. With a chorus as simple as “whoa-o-oh,” Real Estate once again escapes the suburbs and head for the surf.


Real Estate—ALBUM
"It's Real"

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