This Is Our Jam: Pandr Eyez, "Bird Song"

There's not much out there about Pandr Eyez , aside from a few basic facts: They're a duo based in London; their names are Ferren and Tom; Ferren is American; Tom is British. There's also a Tumblr and three tracks on soundcloud, but that's pretty much it. This is sure to change soon, though, as "Bird Song" is one of the more diverting pop songs I've come across recently. Light but soulful, Ferren's dynamic voice navigates a minimal bongo beat and saccharine synths that never threaten to overwhelm the vocals. The smooth, vaguely tropical vibe could recall any number of female indie poppers—Lykke Li comes to mind—and a name like Pandr Eyez seems tailor-made for blog hype, but it there is also an up-front pop sensibility to "Bird Song" that screams mass appeal. Whatever direction Pandr Eyez do head, hopefully "Bird Song" is the first of more great things to come.
Pandr Eyez
"Bird Song"
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