This Is Our Jam: Beach House, “Lazuli”

On May 15, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally will release their highly anticipated new record Bloom, but we don’t have to wait until next month to get our hands on some brand new Beach House. This Saturday, the band will release new single “Lazuli” on limited-edition blue vinyl for Record Store Day, as shops across America celebrate the act of going out and actually (gasp!) buying the music you love. “Lazuli” itself sounds predictably Beach House-y, which is to say, it’s five minutes of absolutely gorgeous pop, with all the reverb, breathy vocals, and velvety atmosphere you've come to expect. You can listen below, but we recommend you pony up the cash for one of the 2,400 copies available this Saturday. If it sounds this good coming out of your laptop speakers, imagine how it'll sound on vinyl.

Beach House—Bloom

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