This Guy Has One Of The Coolest Jobs Ever (And A Blog, Too)

As veteran New Yorkers, it's easy to think we know everything there is to know about this city. But let's face it–NYC is so big, so old, and so packed full of hidden treasures that we'd be way wrong if we thought we'd seen it all. But there is one guy out there who actually does: Nick Carr of the blog Scouting New York . Nick, if you couldn't tell by the title, works as a film location scout and basically spends his days trolling the streets of New York and the surrounding area looking for things cool enough to be captured on film. "As it happens, it's my job to pay attention, and I've started this blog to keep a record of what I see," says Nick. And thank goodness. From an eerie abandoned summer-camp-turned-masonic-headquarters to a firehouse with a live-in Dalmatian, and a WW1 fighter plane on a Wall Street roof, this blog will teach even lifelong residents a thing or two about our city's hidden treasures, as well as uncovering crazy stories behind even the most ordinary of locales. So cancel a few meetings and get ready to spend the rest of this day going back through the four years of archives, not to mention dying of jealousy over the coolest job ever.

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