There's An Orgasm-Themed Party Tonight! (Seriously)

There seems to be a lot going on tonight, what with Glitter Guide's big launch party and Mira Mira's Ladies Night, but for those wanting something more, we guess, educational, there's also an orgasm-themed event happening downtown. The shindig, which is hosted by local sex-focused company OneTaste, will take place at the new “Orgasm is ____” pop-up shop and will include, among other steamy things, free raw bites and a talk and live art demonstration dedicated to "redefining the female orgasm," and the new Slow Sex movement. We dare one of you gals to bring an unsuspecting male to this one! And, if you do, please, please, please Instagram the results.
When: Wednesday, June 29, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Where: Orgasm Is ____ Pop-Up Shop, 211 Sutter Street (at Kearny); 800-994-0041.

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