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This Is Our Jam: Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo, “The Rosy View Effect”

Some time ago, we featured "Blood of Brethren" from experimental pop group Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo. Now, the Bergen, Norway-based duo offers another taste of delightful psychedelia with "The Rosy View Effect," a percolating synth jam with similarly sparkling layers of keyboard and harmonies. While it's clear from its anime-inspired moniker and its black-metal-punning genre description ("pure Norwegian black pop," they call it) that the band has a sense of humor, Njål Paulsberg and Eirik Nordstrand take their complex arrangements seriously.
From the start of "The Rosy View Effect," the song is an ever-changing sea of crystalline melodies and nostalgia-soaked pop, which then spans an over-five-minute run time. Feel free to speculate as to what these guys are singing about, but "The Rosy View Effect" isn't so much as song title as a positive side effect.
Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo "The Rosy View Effect"

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