The Most Inspiring Shop Owners In Chicago

Finding the job of your dreams can be tricky, but we're a town of quick-thinkers and hard-workers, and we're not giving up without a fight. For the business-savvy Chicagoans you're about to meet, their solution to finding the perfect job was to create it. They own and operate some of our favorite shopping destinations, and they're also some truly awesome personalities that we wouldn't mind turning into our new BFFs. We're talking shop–literally–about what inspired these independent businesses, and all the fun stuff that makes being in charge way better than working for the man. Will they inspire you to dart out on your own? You'll have to read on to find out (and then tell us, obvi). These cool shop owners are at the forefront of the Chi-town shopping scene, proving that shopping locally is always our most stylish option. Even better, they are their own boss, making their Chicago shop into anything they want it to be. Talk about living the dream.

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