Does This Start-Up Stack Up? The Hunt Helps Find Hidden Gems

It seems like we're always scrolling through our feeds and experiencing those overwhelming, must-have-that-now moments. But, more often than not, there’s no way to figure out where to purchase that lust-worthy fashion find. If only we could reach through our screens and grab hold of the pretty numbers, right? Well, we've found the next best thing, as a new start-up is trying to put an end to social-media shopping teasing altogether. Introducing, The Hunt, a San Francisco-based online service that combines sartorial hunters with gatherers to locate those elusive pieces on the web.
Here’s how it works: Upload a photo of a beloved garment to begin "the hunt," then other users can hop on and join the search. When discovered, the gatherer provides a link to the piece, and voila — the pot at the end of the rainbow. And, we're not just talkin' fashion here: Anything from lavender-lemonade recipes to beauty tutorials is game. Plus, new searches are constantly added, and you can "follow" them if you fancy to have the item, too!
Though, now that literally everything on the web is up for grabs, this might make a major dent into our wallets. Tell us, should some things remain a mystery, or will The Hunt become your next web addiction? Weigh in below!

Photo: Via The Hunt

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