1 Girl, 4 Looks: A So-Cool Teen Blogger Shows Off Her Go-Tos

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on April 12.]
Looking back at pictures of ourselves as teens can make for a cringe-worthy experience, but we're thinking that won't be the case for local teen blogger Sasha Berliner. The spawn of fashionable woman-about-town Sheri Evans, who owns iconic Union Square shop Metier, this fiery haired 13-year-old has a closet that most grown-ups would envy. Don't believe us? The Potrero resident and voice behind the Smile Or Die blog invited us into her home to show us around her cool-kid room (naturally, we also snuck into her brother's downstairs den) and to take us on a sartorial tour of her top four go-to spring looks...which are totally adult approved. Click through and let the teenage dreamin' begin. And, Tavi, watch your back!
Photographed by Abby Wilcox