Taste The Melt’s Tech-Savvy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches For Free!

San Francisco is home to many dot-com startups and business-savvy tech types, so it's only fitting that an innovative restaurant like The Melt has made its way to our fair city. The new grilled-cheese chain was created by Jonathan Kaplan, the guy behind the Flip Camera, with the help of celebrity chef Michael Mina. Together, they've set out to create what Kaplan hopes is a grilled cheese revolution thanks to The Melt's app-based ordering system that allows customers to order and pay on their phones so that by the time they get to one of the four Melt locations around town (and they're hoping to grow that to 500 locations by 2016), all that's left to do is pick up their orders. Presto! You've got scrumptious grilled cheese—made to your own specifications—and tasty seasonal soups faster than the time it takes for you to wrap your head around the idea! But don't worry, if you prefer to order the conventional on-location way, you still can. And, if the concept wasn't already techie enough, come Friday, the restaurant will be giving sandwiches away via a special password handed out through its Twitter and Facebook pages. So follow both and stay tuned to see how fast you can get a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich on the go!
When: Friday, August 26 12-4p.m.
Where: The Melt, 115 New Montgomery (between Mission and Minna streets)
Cost: Free

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