Obsessed: New Tartine-Centric Baking Blog, Tar-Tryin’

If there's one thing that San Franciscans can agree on it's the ridiculous tastiness of Tartine Bakery. So, one can only imagine the agony of moving away from our fair city and being deprived of those morning, noon, and night runs for bowls of bread pudding and the best buns on the planet.
But that's exactly the dilemma one expat, Emily Kastner, found herself facing, when she packed up and moved to Michigan. Her solution: Creating a Julie & Julia-style blog (without ever seeing the movie or reading the book), in which she attempts every single recipe out of the oft-gifted Tartine cookbook. Her blog, Tar-Tryin', has her attempting to master everything from the perfect quiche to zesty almond-lemon tea cake, and everything in between. Just why is Kastner doing this, and how's it going so far? Check out our Q&A with her after the jump, along with a tummy rumble-inducing Instagram photo diary! Who's ready for some carbs?