Superstar Stylist Ashley Nicole Grobmeier Demands You Put Those Scissors Down, Right Now!

Your hair is your crown, your mane, your hallmark. So why the hell are you ruining it by clipping your own bangs in the bathroom? Ashley Nicole Grobmeier, who's been bobbing and slashing her way through salons and photoshoots since before you were combing out your Barbie's locks, thinks you should step away from the scissors and let the professionals do their job. But on the bright side, she'll totally endorse your dye job: She suggests a shot of rich, deep color as the best way to weather the dark season. Read on for more expert tips and useful warnings.
What are the three hair products you can't live without? MoroccanOil to eliminate frizz and to restore moisture to my hair, Sebastian Potion 9 to undo the damage I've done to my hair with heat, and Aquage Sea Salt Spray for great beachy texture.
What's the one hair trend you wish would disappear? The one-sided shaved look for girls is definitely over. I actually thought it should have been over a year ago.
What's the biggest hair crime that most people commit, and how can you fix it? Cutting their own fringe. Nothing is worse than seeing someone with uneven layers or fringe. Stop cutting your own hair!
Tell us about the worst haircut you've ever had. My worst haircut was actually a fringe change. I wanted a long, mod fringe, and my co-worker cut them too short in the middle and then proceeded to round them out. I looked exactly like Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber.
What do you think your clients would say about you? That I am very caring and passionate about my work.
Fall is a major season to switch up hair. What do you find is being most requested? So far, the most-requested look for fall has been richer, brighter color, whether that's a warm brown or a brighter, golden blond. What I have really been excited about is seeing people actually trying to style their hair differently from the norm. Braiding, extreme side parts, big volume with brushed out curls, and messy ponies are all exciting to me.
Each person's hair is so unique, but what are some universal truths we need to know when it comes to hair-care? It's so simple: Take care of your hair! Spend the money on the right products and chill out on the over-coloring and overheating. Too many people trash their hair on a regular basis, but really, it's all about the integrity of the hair.
Who do you trust to cut/style your own hair? To be honest, I haven't let many people cut or style my hair. And the only people who have, have been great listeners. That is the most important quality I look for in a stylist.
You got your start doing hair pretty young—how has that worked to your advantage? I think learning how to do hair at a young age was a definite advantage in this industry. I was able to create a foundation early on and build on that over the years.
If you weren't styling hair, what would you be doing? I would definitely be designing jewelry. I'm obsessed.
What is unique about New York women when it comes to hair? I love seeing New York women with natural waves and messy, undone texture. I've noticed that NYC women rock their natural hair texture and aren't afraid to take risks.

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